If you live in Payson or have visited enough, you probably know that our town motto has become “Adventure Where We Live” over the last few years. Our Tourism Department has seen a lot of success promoting our community this way and showcasing all of the amazing adventures in, and around, our beautiful town. The stickers are all over cars, schools, businesses, water bottles, and anywhere else people have found to put them. But, here is the cool thing! It’s not just all about tourism! It’s about life being an Adventure Where WE Live in our day-to-day life as well. That same branding is also on our kids’ youth sports uniforms, local event posters and to promote all of the great things our Parks & Recreation Department is doing for us, the locals.

How many of us consider living in Payson as an adventure? I know that I do! Let’s do it all! There is always something happening for everyone in our town, and I want to encourage everyone to proactively look for the adventures that are happening all around us and take part! Just last week, our PHS Gils Softball team hosted and WON the first two games of the State Tournament… and the stands were packed! The Farmers Market starts in a few weeks, alongside a long list of significant events that always come with the summertime in our small town. Look for things to do and join the community in every way you can this summer… it makes the adventure come alive and creates an even healthier life and community for us all!