With the market hanging out at top dollar in the Rim Country, we see many sellers cashing in for well over their asking price. Homes are a hot commodity, and multiple, immediate offers are the norm these days for sellers. Due to an increased national awareness of our beautiful state, we see folks from neighboring states and all over the country flooding into our communities (both rural and metro). There also seems to be quite a bit of activity coming from the valley for those who have become accustomed to working their jobs remotely in our neck of the woods. If it’s possible, why not work remotely in the beautiful pines?

That being said, the “demand vs. inventory” conversation is still in full swing. If you are in a home right now, someone wants to buy it; it’s that simple. I would highly consider having a conversation with a trusted professional if you are considering selling your home at all. There is a lot to consider, and I would love to be a resource to help you make an educated decision! It isn’t very often in our life that we are in a seller’s market like the one we are in now, and I am here to help!