What a blessing it is to live in the Rim Country! Every day I am thankful for the opportunity to wake up in such a beautiful place with such amazing people around me… and the air is always clean. With this later winter weather, we are finally enjoying some rainstorms with occasional snow, and it is more than welcomed. Our forests are the lifeblood of why we love to spend our days in this amazing Payson, Arizona life and we want to keep them healthy.
The recent rain has filled our lakes, rivers, and streams to higher points than they have been in years. This is wonderful news for those that love to take the kayak out to Woods Canyon or Willow Springs Lakes, or for those that enjoy sitting by the East Verde River to listen to it peacefully flow through the trees. Tourists also come from all over to hike trails alongside of our creeks and jump from the waterfalls at Fossil Creek. Local folks of all ages enjoy walking around the lakes in town at Green Valley Park, while the children play throughout the park and chase the ducks. 
What a place to be! No place is ever going to be the perfect place to live, but Payson, Arizona can sure seem like it sometimes.