Here in Payson, Arizona, the weather is beginning to turn warm once again, which brings about subtle but steady changes, not only for Payson, but for the surrounding Rim Country area. Plants and trees are starting to come back to life again thanks to the continual sunshine and the moisture leftover from the heavy rain and snowfall, and the wildlife is beginning to reappear again, little by little. Photographers are beginning to explore the beautifully wooded areas in and around Payson, looking to capture pictures of animals and wildflowers as the warmer seasons continue to approach.

Along with the changes brought to the residents of the Rim Country, the warm weather also brings with it hosts of visitors from Phoenix and the Valley area, eager to escape the coming heat and be in the fresh mountain air. This means businesses in Payson come alive once again, and the cabins and summer homes in the northern Rim Country area will begin to experience a new influx of activity.

Whether you’re a local resident, relaxing and enjoying the changing season from your mountain home, or a tourist from Phoenix, visiting the town of Payson for a weekend of hiking, exploring, and good food, spring in the Rim Country brings excitement for everyone.