Hey! It is safe to say that our little mountain community is officially on the map. Some people are not overly excited about this, but I would like to share why I feel this is really great. As a realtor, I have a very unique view of the buzz that is happening around, what has been for a long time, our “hidden gem”. As I have mentioned often over the past year, inventory is extremely low in our area due to the demand for homes. This is a really strong indicator that we are drawing people from all over the southwestern states, as well as other parts of the country. Once that “lid gets popped” it’s pretty much our new normal at that point… and that is where I feel that we are now. 

I am fully aware of the opinions that some have and the issues they see with our town being “found” in this way, by the demographic that has, and is, moving in. That is fine and I acknowledge their feelings. What I want to focus on is the amazing impact that this has for the future of our local small business community! I want to focus on the economic development strides that we can take as we move in this direction! Lastly, I want to focus on the internal growth of projects and services that can become available to all of us by our town meeting the new demand of a growing diversity! I feel that Payson is putting things in place that are going to bring leaders together to continue to improve our schools, events, amenities, and overall quality of life as move move forward in 2021 and beyond! No place is perfect, and change can be hard foe some, but I am beyond excited to see our little town keep it’s charm and continue to improve itself!