It’s been a very unfortunate 12 months, in many ways. Our community’s strength has been tested through a pandemic, politics (locally and nationally), and the usual struggles that sometimes come with managing life in a rural community. I am proud to say that I am so thankful for our little community’s resolve and the new things that are blooming all around us! Have you noticed that most of our businesses have survived, and new businesses are popping up left and right? There seems to be an attitude of positivity and pride in the air, and I love it!

We have a handful of new Town staff members that are excited to move things forward, as well as a new hospital CEO that is passionate about bringing the best healthcare possible to us. People are volunteering their time, with a smile on their faces, to help with testing and vaccinations for those that can get them at this time. Collaborations of organizations all over the Rim Country are sprouting up, and people are working together to accomplish some very beneficial plans for the people of Payson! I am so thankful to see this forward-thinking attitude and want to encourage everyone, as always, to shop locally and support each other as we continue on this journey together in 2021!