Being proactive with upkeep around your house and property is important no matter where you live, but especially here in northern Arizona. As the weather changes, merging from the freezing temperatures of winter into the gradual rising temperatures of summer, it’s important to take time to get a few things done — and now is the perfect time while the weather is nice.

A few tips for proactive home maintenance:

Pest Control

This time of year, animals are beginning to be more active, and that includes smaller, more unwanted animals like rodents, reptiles, and insects. Be aware of where snakes may be taking up residence near or under your home, and call someone to remove them if they become a problem. Be proactive about keeping spiderwebs away from your house, and have the outside of your house sprayed if necessary. Watch for rodent activity — this includes in your woodpile, your garage or shed, and even in your car engine. Rodents will make anything a home, so be alert to where the activity is, and deal with it as necessary.

Raine Gutters

Now that the winter storms have passed, it’s a good time to clean your roof and your rain gutters before the spring rains arrive, and eventually, the summer monsoons. You can either clean them yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. It’s also a good idea to sweep your roof clean of lingering piles of pine needles that have been knocked down during winter storms, so that they don’t simply just wash into your freshly cleaned gutters with the next rain.

Spring Freeze

Here in the Rim Country, it’s not uncommon to experience a late winter storm. It might not bring much snow, but the freezing rain and sudden drop in temperatures can wreak havoc on your fruit trees and outdoor plants. Be wary of the weather for the following weeks through mid-May, and if a drop in the temperature is in the forecast, bring your outdoor plants inside if possible, or do what you can to cover them at night, so they aren’t as affected by the harsh temperatures.

Living in the Rim Country of Northern Arizona can sometimes mean a bit more work than living in the suburbs of the city, but the wildlife, the scenery, and the beautiful temperatures make it all worth it.