Yes, it’s not only possible, but it could actually cost you less than that dingy rental you might feel stuck with. What am I talking about? Purchasing your very own home, of course! It might seem like a dream, but it’s a dream within your grasp. Buying that first house can be intimidating. That’s why today I’m sharing the top three reasons to take that step to buying your first home.

1) Invest in yourself

It’s one of the primary advantages of buying a house. When you put money into your home, you put money into your future. Owning a home provides more than just a comfortable roof over your head. Your house not only shelters you, but it can shelter some of your income as well. Home owners are eligible for attractive tax benefits. According to, “…In most cases, taxpayers don’t owe any tax on the home-sale profit… In certain cases, you can treat part or all of your profit as tax-free even if you don’t pass the two-out-of-five-year tests.” ( Renting can be a drain on your resources and ultimately doesn’t establish any valuable assets. Invest in yourself instead of someone else’s mortgage.

2) Buying a home could be cheaper than renting

The number one reason most people are afraid to consider buying a house is the cost. After all, how could a house work within the same budget as a rental? Well, the truth is it is entirely possible. Don’t be intimidated by cost. In some cases, buying a home can be less than the rent you’re paying. We’ve got a highly qualified team of loaners so let me be your resource to make a home happen in your life. We can work something out.

3) Actually owning your own home

Of anything you might purchase in life, a house is probably the most significant. And with good reason. This is your home, your sanctuary, and is sure to boost not only your quality of life but your confidence. I’ve seen this beautiful transformation in many first time home-buyers. Just last month I organized a house-warming party for a young couple to celebrate their recent home purchase. It was their first house and the look in their eyes when they realized a home was truly a possibility is something I live for.

The party was everything a young family dreams of in a home. The mother, a local school teacher, watching her kids running around, playing, and screaming. Out back, a real lawn with real grass, finally. To top it off, a sand box where the kids can build little houses of their own that can someday become real-life possibilities for them too.

I deal with a lot of high-end home sales, but I love helping first time home-buyers just as much. Watching their faces light up when they realize a house can be a reality is one of the greatest joys of my job. I am planning another house-warming party next month for another couple who just purchased their first home so give me a call; we can make your home-owning dreams come true too.