The brisk winds are whipping us into winter, and even though this year may not have been what we have planned I am singing nothing but joyful songs of gratitude for the journey we have been through, the friends we have made along the way, and the lessons we have gleaned in the process. Let us roll toward this holiday season with tidings of comfort and joy for our friends and neighbors with good cheer and glad hearts!

I was recognized by the Arizona Central Board of Realtors with the 2020 “Good Neighbor Award”! I really do love this community and am so thankful for where I live and the people that I get to serve every single day! This means so much to me. Being a good neighbor is really all about the little things. It’s a simple as a smile and a wave, a quick outdoor chat, sending over cookies, or helping with a simple fix now and again. The details mean the world to people, because everyone needs to be valued and loved. Let’s love our neighbors, Payson!