Whoo-wee. What a crazy, life-changing season we are in, friends! This month has seemed like it has been a decade long, and filled with new twists by the hour.  No matter how insane these present days may appear, I pray that we may always focus on what we can control, ourselves, the way we respond to what is in front of us, and how we treat our brothers and sisters during these turbulent times. Love is the answer, always!

Incredibly, housing inventory is really low, if you are even remotely thinking of selling, now is an ideal time to list. Let’s talk! As always, you all are the legs I stand on, and I <3 <3 <3 referrals!!

One of the few silver linings in this crisis is that rates are at a historic low. Be sure to take advantage of that now, if you are able!

The  Town of Payson’s Easter Egg-stravaganza event? Is it cancelled? Yes, sadly, most public festivities are coming to a halt in the next month or two, at least. What ways are you keeping your spirits up? What good stories are keeping you going and inspiring you? Here is one of the sweet ones, shared from a Facebook post by a man named Darrell Jones, that has made my heart smile this week:

I was Standing in line at Sam’s Club this morning waiting for the doors to open (8:30am, doors open at 9am). I was #3 in a line of about 50+ people. I look and see an elderly gentleman (definitely in his late 80s+) parking in a handicap space, he exits his vehicle kind of hunched forward and with a 4 post walking cane, wearing a WW2 VETERAN BALL CAP. He slowly made his way toward the door to check the sign stating the store hours, then started on his way to the end of the line. I stopped him and offered him my place in line, he politely refused and resumed his walk towards the end of the line. The store employee, (maybe a manager), seeing and hearing our exchange of words, gently grasped this gentleman’s arm and said these words that I will never forget, “SIR, WE NEED SOLDIERS TO BLAZE A SAFE PATH FOR THE REST OF US TO FOLLOW”. He then walked this American Hero into the store 30 minutes prior to the scheduled opening to beat the hoarders to the essentials….. I SALUTE BOTH THE HERO AND SAM’S EMPLOYEE, MY FAITH IN MANKIND HAS BEEN RESTORED, EVEN IF JUST FOR TODAY… STAY KIND, THANKFUL, AND CARRY ON.

Tell me your favorite good thing at this moment. I can’t wait to hear more!